How to Validate Krakend Configuration

Published 2021-10-03

Today I will share about How to Validate Krakend API Gateway configuration.

Why? (The Motivation Behind)

There is a good features/functionality in Krakend - which is syntax checking for the configuration file.

This simple function allows us to validate our Krakend Config before running/deployment. Besides, it is also incredibly helpful & saving us time for debugging.


Run the command below to check the syantax of the Krakend configuration file.

krakend check -c krakend.json

Valid Syntax Case

You would see below output if the syntax is correct.

Parsing configuration file: krakend.json Syntax OK!

Invalid Syntax Case

Below is the sample of krakend.json with invalid syntax.

{ "version": 2, "endpoints": [ { "endpoint": "/v1/stoic-quote", "backend": [ { "url_pattern": "/stoic-quote", "host": [ "h" // Extra 'h' in https ] } ] } ] }

Validating the above krakend.json would give us such error output.

Parsing configuration file: krakend.json panic: invalid host

I hope it is helpful and see you next time.