How to Run a Krakend API Gateway

Published 2021-10-01

Krakend is known as the high-performant and fastest API Gateway in the market. Today I will share about How to Run a Krakend API Gateway with Minimal Config.

Why? (The Motivation Behind)

When I first introduce with new technology/products, it feels intimidating at first and Krakend was one of them as well.

However, after you spent some time on reading the docs and try it out. Actually running a Krakend API Gateway is really easy and convenient.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to run a Krakend API Gateway.


Step 1 - Create directory and krakend config file krakend.json

mkdir krakend-sample cd krakend-sample touch krakend.json

Step 2 - Set minimal configuration.

krakend.json - Minimal configuration for Kraken Config

{ "version": 2 }

Step 3 - Pull Krakend Docker Image & Run with config file created in step 2.

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v "${PWD}:/etc/krakend/" devopsfaith/krakend run -d -c /etc/krakend/krakend.json

Step 4 - Verify the Gateway Working!!

curl the __health endpoint should return you {"status":"ok"}

curl HTTP://localhost:8080/__health {"status":"ok"}