How to Skip Loop in forEach & Best Scenario using forEach

Published 2020-09-15

This article documented down on how to skip to the next iteration when you're using foreach. Besides, you will also know the correct scenario to use foreach.

Without further ado, let's start.

Easily skipping forEach loop

Skipping a foreach loop is easy. Simply using return when it is matching the condition. Refer the code below.

const arr = ['Peter', 'Sam', 'Helena']; arr.forEach((name) => { if (name === 'Helena') { return; } console.log(`Person name: ${name}`); });


"Person name: Peter" "Person name: Sam"

With this example, we're skipping the loop when the iteration reached "Helena".

However, are we using forEach in all the scenarios? The answer is obvious, No!

Best Scenario to use forEach

Scenario 1: I want to see all guests with first-name Mary

For this scenario, it would be the best case for forEach. This is because no matter what happened, we're going to loop until the end of the array and find out the person with the first name Mary.

const guestNames = [ { firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Skola'}, { firstName: 'Peter', lastName: 'Machinki'}, { firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Jones'}, { firstName: 'Helen', lastName: 'Kovavic'}, ]; guestNames.forEach((name, index) => { console.log(`Running ${index + 1} iteration`); // We're skipping as long as the firstName is not Mary. if (name.firstName !== 'Mary') { return; } console.log(`Guest: ${name.firstName} ${name.lastName}`); });


"Running 1 iteration" "Guest: Mary Skola" "Running 2 iteration" "Running 3 iteration" "Guest: Mary Jones" "Running 4 iteration"

Scenario 2: I want to see the guest with name “Mary Jones”

For this scenario, you can also simply achieve what you want using forEach loop. However, that is not the best-case scenario. This is because you would have to go through the whole size of the array to find "Mary Jones". It is like the metaphor below:

  • forEach — I would travel the whole U.S even though I found you in my first stop, New York. Can you feel the dumbness now?

Is there a better approach we can use? Absolutely YES. We can leverage find .

const guestNames = [ { firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Skola'}, { firstName: 'Peter', lastName: 'Machinki'}, { firstName: 'Mary', lastName: 'Jones'}, { firstName: 'Helen', lastName: 'Kovavic'}, ]; const foundGuest = guestNames.find((name, index) => { console.log(`Running ${index + 1} iteration`); return (name.firstName === 'Mary' && name.lastName === 'Jones'); }); console.log('Found Guest', foundGuest);


"Running 1 iteration" "Running 2 iteration" "Running 3 iteration" "Found Guest" [object Object] { firstName: "Mary", lastName: "Jones" }


Here are the key points of this article.

  • Use return to skip the loop and go to the next iteration in foreach
  • Use forEach when you decided to go through all elements in the array no matter what happened.
  • Use find when you decided to get the matching element from the array and ignore the rest.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.