How to Add Favicon in Gatsby PWA

Published 2020-05-03

Adding Favicon in 2 steps

Adding Favicon in Gatsby PWA is easy and you can just do it within 2 steps.

  1. Install Gatsby manifest plugin.

    npm install gatsby-plugin-manifest

  2. After the plugin installation, add the plugin into gatsby-config.js with the configuration below.

    // in gatsby-config.js module.exports = { plugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-plugin-manifest`, options: { name: `Your website name`, short_name: `Youe website short name`, start_url: `/`, background_color: `#f7f0eb`, theme_color: `#a2466c`, display: `standalone`, // Here is where you adding favicon the favicon relative path // Recommended to use the highest resolution (512x512) for best quality icon: `src/images/icon.png` }, }, ], }


The advantages of using this plugin to add favicon is because it will help you to generate a pre-configured set of favicon with different sizing like the picture below.



In short, using this plugin save you time spending in favicon configuration.